Decorate in Style For Summer – Home Decorating Tips That Leave Winter Behind

Summer brings the best out in people as it makes everyone happier, full of energy and life, and really glad that the gloomy days of winter are over. While some people are mostly interested in bringing their body back in shape, others like to renovate or at least re-decorate their home to really leave every winter streak behind. You can do so too with these easy home decorating tips for summer.

If you live in an area that tends to be quite hot for summer, you might want keep the strong sun out and maintain your home cool. For example don’t use lamps with wooden lampshades and remove any items of brass from the home. You can easily have lampshades that are made of light fabric in pastel and neutral tones, and instead of the brass items use clear glass or crystal ones. Also if you have the time and patience (and budget) replace your heavy wooden flooring with something much lighter like cork or bamboo.
Change the wall paint with something light and pastel, including light blue, yellow or baby pink.
Leave the windows open throughout the day at least when you are at home, so fresh air can enter the room and air out the stuffiness from the walls and furniture.
Change some of your dying plants with new and fresh ones. Also get in flowers and put them in vases on various tables and counter tops in the kitchen and living room.
In the bedroom change your heavy bedsheets and bed covers to some lighter ones in fabric type and pattern.
Remove any home accessories that are in shades of dark red, brown, black and magenta. Replace them with light colors such as white, beige, light pink and blue. Also avoid fabrics made of synthetics and silk. Use instead simple linen and cotton as they make your room cooler in the hot summer months.

Home Decor Tips – Ideas and Solutions for Uneven Walls and Existing Tiled Walls

Asking for wiring and cables to be concealed inside walls is always a risk. You run the risk of poor workmanship with wires that don’t lie flat inside and the walls bulges out in an ugly track across the wall. Here’re some home decor tips with creative ideas for uneven walls:

A fast and easy option would be to lay over the wall with a wall board. You’ll lose only a few inches of space, and once the board’s painted over, you’ll get a smooth surface that matches the other walls in your interior.

A fun and funky option would be to commission a plaster artist to create a textural surface or even a wall mural. The basic material can be plaster or a more durable marble-resin finish. In one instance, the home owner’s love of the sea inspired an artist to create a free form wave mural for the living room that evokes Spanish architect Gaudi’s melting buildings as much as it does waves lapping the shore.

An important point to note is that both treatments, the wall board and the textual finish, are removable. This is important, as should you ever have to locate a fault in the electrical cabling, you can heck or remove the wall quickly. Textured finishes can be repaired and repainted, so no expensive remodeling will be needed.

If your room is covered with existing ceramic tiles, you should not try to paint over with ceramic paint since these paints are hobby craft paints and can be costly for such a large area. The result may also be unsatisfactory as you have never attempted such a DIY project.

One solution for unsightly tiled walls is to have the contractor cover the wall with gypsum board. You’ll only lose a few inches in terms of depth. And you can then have the wall coats painted to match the other walls.

If you decide to keep the tiled wall, make it more prominent in your d├ęcor scheme by playing up the texture with furniture, So if you’ve got rust colored tiles, teak, rattan and ethnic accents would work well. Keep also to pale cheerful colors in the fabrics – banana yellow, aqua and cream are good choices. This will counter the dark wall and floor and keep the look light and airy.