Easy Home Decorating Tips for the Holidays

When the holidays roll around, it is time to start looking for some great home decorating ideas that will help to spread the holiday cheer while still keeping your home looking great.

One of the first home decorating tips you need to keep in mind for the holidays is the art of simplicity. There are so many wonderful decorative items available for the holidays that it is easy to go overboard. If you attempt to cram all of your holiday decorations into your home, they may overshadow one another and create a cluttered look. Choose a few items and allow them to each stand on their own and take center stage.

Since the holidays are a warm, cozy, and loving time of the year, you should strive for décor that will help to cultivate this feeling. Therefore, some home decorating ideas you might want to keep in mind for the holidays include selecting decorations that project love and holiday cheer. Happy snowman, hugging children, and jolly reindeer are all great decorative elements to add to your holiday décor.

Choosing the right colors is always key to implementing great ideas for the holidays. Traditionally, green, gold, red, and white have been important colors for the holidays. Increasingly, other colors are becoming more popular. For example, for a classy look, you might want to consider using black and silver for your holiday décor. These colors are becoming more popular for the holiday season, so they should not become too difficult to find.

Think outside of the box this holiday season. Decorate with vintage glass ornaments and ornaments that were given to you by family and friends over the years. They bring back lots of memories and add character to your decorating theme.

Time is well spent by creating or purchasing a stunning centerpiece that can be used before, during and after Christmas. Homemade napkin rings are fun to make and can be quite simple. Look for ideas on the Internet and in craft stores.

Make use of the columns, posts and pendant lights inside and outside of your home by wrapping them with garland or greenery. Adding string lights completes the look.

After you have decorated the inside, you might want to turn your attention outdoors. There are many different lawn ornaments and lights to choose from when decorating outdoors. As with the home decorating tips for inside, however, be sure that you don’t go overboard. A cluttered lawn will be unattractive while one with a few simple lights and items will be the talk of the town!

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Free Home Decorating Tips

Are you looking for a great way to renovate your home decor but you don’t have the money to hire an interior decorator? Don’t worry; you can do it yourself with free home decorating tips!

Remember when it comes to home decor that more money doesn’t always equal better. There are many fantastic things that you can do without spending any money at all. In addition, you can get hints, tips and advice on decorating your home without spending a lot of money. One of the first steps you can take to do this is to go to your local library. Not only can you find tons of great books to check out but you can also find old copies of many home decorating magazines and more. This is a fabulous way to get free home decorating tips.

Here are some more tips for you:

1. Make the old new again- One thing that you see often on home décor or design shows like Trading Spaces where people are designing on a budget is the renovation of the old into something new. This not only works for great items in your home but also for things that you pick up at a yard sale, thrift shop or antique store. You can take an old table, desk, chair, bookshelf or virtually any other type of furniture you can think of and renovate it with some sanding, a new paint job or new fabric and make it like new again. This can be done for pennies on the dollar and in some cases, even completely free.

2. Use handmade items- Handmade décor is both cheap and unique. It’s very inexpensive and adds a personal touch to the room you are decorating. Something is just that much more special when it has been carefully constructed by hand by someone you care about. You can get directions for creating homemade décor items both online and from books and magazines.

3. Paint- A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference in a room and it’s typically pretty expensive when you do it yourself. All you need to do is buy the paint and maybe just a few supplies such as brushes and painting tape and you are good to go.

4. Texture Your Walls- Another great idea is to add some texture to your wall. You can do this with wall hangings, blankets or quilts, etc.

5. Plants Galore! – There are many great and inexpensive ways you can use plants and flowers to spruce up any room in your home, even the bathroom.

6. Stop by Goodwill- Visit the Goodwill and other locations to get great items for less money. Even that once in a while “rare” find is worth it.

We will have more free home decorating tips coming soon. Feel free to drop us a line and leave your own free home decorating tips as well. To stay up to date on free home decorating tips, check back with us often. You can also sign up for free newsletters and e-zines online that send great free home decorating tips right to your email inbox every day. Keep your eyes peeled whenever you are out and about or surfing the television and the Internet so you can discover greater free home decorating tips to use on your home!