Easy Home Decorating Tips to Use Today!

Are you looking for home decorating tips to help you feel more focused on your latest decorating project? Here are a few ideas to get you “back on track.”

First of all, where are all of your home décor accessories? Are they scattered among several closets and drawers around the house? Consider setting up an “accessories closet” which will hold all of the items you are not currently using. This might include such objects as candles, candle holders, vases, bowls, floral arrangements, and trays. The “accessories closet” should also hold practical, everyday necessities such as scissors, tape and floral-arranging materials as well as a tool-box containing common household tools.

Imagine how easy it will be to change the home decor in a room when the seasons change. Just look in the “accessories closet” for a touch of fall decor to replace that summer flower arrangement. Now that makes home decorating fast and easy!

Another home decorating tip is to add height to accessories on a table which makes them more attractive to the eye. Try using a small stack of books mixed in with other home decor to add interest to the display. You might also set a small novelty item on top of the books.

Twigs in pottery vases make quite a statement and are very easy to assemble. These “bare branches” might be bamboo, willow twigs, cattails or unique, rustic branches purchased in a floral or craft shop. A large vase and branch arrangement looks great sitting on the floor and can be an attractive “filler” for a bare corner.

Keep in mind the home decorating rule of arranging home décor in odd numbers. Three small baskets on a table, five small framed prints on a wall, and seven tall, slim candle holders over the fireplace–you get the idea! Arrangements of three, five, or seven are more attractive and pleasing to the eye than groupings of two, four, or six objects.

Enjoy seeing your decorating projects take on a new life by mixing ingenuity and imagination to make home decorating easy and fun.

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Easy Home Decorating Tips

To me interior home decorating is important whether I live in a house, an apartment or even a mobile home and yes, I have lived in all of them. Regardless of the place I live, I like to make my home cozy so it’s more than just a roof over my head. I like it to be a place where my little daughter and I as well as our visitors feel comfortable.

Decorating comes naturally to me. I actually learned a few things from my mom, who is also into decorating, when I was still living in my parents’ house. All sorts of ideas come to my mind when I enter a room whether it’s empty or already furnished. If it were my room, what colors would the walls be? What types of furniture would I get and how would I arrange it? What about the floor? Would I have carpet, tile or hardwood? Those are some of the things that go through my mind which are really quite simple, and I often ask others the same questions when they ask me for some home decorating tips. Just use your imagination. It’s actually quite easy. Close your eyes if that helps.

When it comes to interior home decorating I prefer the rugged or rustic style. Something that looks natural. I like my living room to be warm and exciting but prefer a soothing and peaceful atmosphere in my bedroom. The colors you choose for your room play an important part in setting the mood.

If you live in an apartment your choices are somewhat limited as you can’t paint the walls different colors or change the flooring. However, there are plenty of interior home decorating tips you can still apply to make it a place you enjoy living. For instance, you can choose the colors and designs of your bed sheets, pillow cases, sofa covers, etc. You can also add pictures, candles, and other items to enhance the look and ambiance.

My daughter and I currently live in an apartment that we really like. It’s an older building that’s well kept. We’re both delighted to have hardwood floor in all the rooms except the kitchen and bathroom which have linoleum flooring. We love going barefoot and prefer to walk on hard surfaces. I got some old furniture from my parents which fits in perfectly.

My daughter’s favorite color is pink, so she has a pink curtain and a pink comforter in her bedroom. I love light blue and green as they render tranquility. So I use those colors to decorate my bedroom where I also meditate everyday.

I hope you have learned a few home decorating tips that will get you on the way to having a home that’s stylish yet cozy and inviting.