Home Decorating Tips – Basic Ideas for Small Rooms

Your home-whether big or small–should inspire you! It should convey your happiness for the opportunity to claim your own space in this world and make it yours. The following home decorating tips will help kindle your creativity and motivate you to make the most of a small room.

A basic home decorating tip for any small room is not to accumulate! A rule of thumb to go by when shopping is to ask yourself if you really need the item in question. If you find something that you like better than what you have, then replace it and give what you have to someone else. That means you can’t keep both items. This is difficult for many people but is crucial to cutting down on clutter and making that small room attractive.

Another home decorating tip for a small room is to keep the room versatile and multipurpose by making sensible furniture choices that provide a greater variety of seating options. Club chairs and ottomans are more adaptable than a sofa or love seat. They can comfortably seat more people and each person will have their own space without feeling confined. Ottomans can be placed side by side to provide an additional, flexible seating area.

What about a large bed in a small bedroom? Don’t panic! It can be a focal point and be played up; after all, it is a bedroom. This is where you start your day and end your day-so make the most of your small bedroom by coordinating color and texture and let the bed take over the room-you will feel like you live in a palace!

A few well-chosen pieces of larger furniture can effectively be placed in a small room. Too many small pieces of furniture in a small room will lead to visual ruin and give a cluttered look.

A basic home decorating tip is to use mirrors to reflect light and give the illusion of space. A large mirror placed opposite a door, faced by another mirror, will make a small room look more spacious.

Putting these simple home decorating tips into practice will give you a home you love to live in which will nurture your spirit in the process.

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10 Easy, Low Cost Home Decorating Tips

Decorating your house can be a lot of fun. Whether you have been in your house for years or just moved in, decorating your house can be a challenge. Finding ways to accentuate the positive areas of your home and hide the negatives is an essential part of home decorating. Try beginning with these 10 Easy Home Decorating tips, and see how they can transform the look of your home.

1. Some of the most easy decorating ideas revolve around rugs. A different colored rug can completely reinvigorate a smaller room, and there are many different colors and variations to pick from in a variety of budgets.

2. Many people find art to be a great addition to their home. Putting up paintings or drawings is a great way to add visual style and culture to your home.

3. Furniture is a necessary part of every home, but you do not have to shell out big bucks to replace yours. You can freshen your furniture using varnish or getting new cushions with a different color for your sofa.

4. Paint should probably be in your DIY budget. It is really amazing how much a simple paint job can really change the atmosphere of a single area.

5. Consider adding pillows on your furniture. A couple brightly colored ones will work wonders on a sofa or a recliner.

6. Any easy room to update is the bathroom. You do not have to remodel the whole room to get a new look. Get a new shower curtain, and pick out towels to match.

7. In the kitchen, some new paint on your cabinets will freshen up the entire room.

8. Lighting can do a lot for a room. Adding in decorative lamps that look good are a fine conversation starter, and the lighting can provide a soothing aura.

9. Plants can present a more natural and welcoming environment. Just adding a few potted plants on a windowsill can provide a great touch of color. Plants work indoors or out, and are also an excellent choice for your patio. If you have less floor space to work with, try hanging plants.

10. If you want advice from design experts, it can be helpful to look for pictures either from a magazine or online. This can let you know what something will look like before you try it, or may even give you more great ideas.